JESP is now on hiatus from considering new submissions. This hiatus will extend until May 1, 2023 or we successfully overcome the copyediting and production backlog, whichever comes first. JESP continues to process and evaluate all current submissions under consideration, and if you have received a past invitation to revise and resubmit, you can resubmit at any time - if you have any technical troubles doing so through our website, please just e-mail us.

Unfortunately, this moratorium on new submissions has become necessary in order to overcome a backog for copyediting and publication that we have accumulated during the pandemic and as our publication volume has grown. Taking this brief break will allow us to use our limited resources in order to get into a position in which we can better serve our authors as they deserve. Thanks so much for your interest in and support for JESP and its completely open-access, university-funded mission, and we hope that you will consider submitting your work again once we reopen.