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Articles should be submitted in Word or Rich Text Format only. Please remove your name and other identifying information from the file before you submit. We recommend that before you upload your paper, go to "file" >> "properties" and erase all personal information listed in that window, particularly the author's name.

Please do NOT submit short discussion notes here. Those should be submitted using the "Symposia & Discussion Notes" link.

By submitting your article to the Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, you declare that it is your original work, and that it has not been published, in whole or in part, and is not about to be published, in any other academic publication in print or online.

The Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy does not require exclusivity in submission for review. However, if you have submitted your article to another journal, we do require that you let us know about it, and notify us without delay on other journals' decisions regarding your article.

Thank you for submitting your article to the Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy. We will notify you of the editors' decision as soon as possible.

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