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JESP welcomes the submission of short discussions of recent work that has been published here or elsewhere. Submissions should not exceed 2,500 words. Please submit your discussion note -- in Word or RTF format -- by clicking on the "submit note" button below.

All submissions are initially vetted by the editors. Those that pass initial review will be sent on to at least one external referee. The review is triple-blind. Referees are not informed of the authors' identities and vice versa. Moreover, editors are not informed of the author's identity until they have reached a final decision.

The journal is committed to the highest academic standards as well as to a speedy and efficient review process, normally not exceeding 6 to 8 weeks from submission. Discussion notes that have been accepted for publication will be published online as soon as they have been suitably prepared.

Discussion Notes Editor: Douglas Portmore
Discussion Notes Editorial Assistant: Michael Milona

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