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Discussion Note: "How Not to Defend Moral Blame"

by Andreas Leonhard Menges

April, 2014

Discussion Note: "Forcing Cohen to Abandon Forced Supererogation"

by Alfred Archer

March, 2014

Keep Things in Perspective: Reasons, Rationality, and the A Priori

by Daniel Whiting

Objective reasons are given by the facts. Subjective reasons are given by one’s perspective on the facts. Subjective reasons, not objective reasons,...

March, 2014

Discussion Note: "An Actual-Sequence Theory of Promotion"

by D. Justin Coates

January, 2014

Discussion Note: "In Defense of Batman: Reply to Bradley"

by Gerald Lang and Rob Lawlor

December, 2013

Anchoring a Revisionist Account of Moral Responsibility

by Kelly McCormick

Revisionism about moral responsibility is the view that we would do well to distinguish between what we think about moral responsibility and what we...

December, 2013

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