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Recent Publications

I Might Be Fundamentally Mistaken

by Michael Ridge

Quasi-realism aspires to preserve the intelligibility of the realist-sounding moral judgments of ordinary people. These judgments include ones of the...

October, 2015

Distributing Collective Obligation

by Sean Aas

In this paper I develop an account of member obligation: the obligations that fall on the members of an obligated collective in virtue of that...

October, 2015

Discussion Note: "Against Scanlon's Theory of the Strength of Practical Reasons"

by Eric Sampson

September, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Relevance of Human Nature"

by Nicholas Southwood

September, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Difference We Make: A Reply To Pinkert"

by Andrew T. Forcehimes and Luke Semrau

September, 2015

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