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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Non-Analytical Naturalism and the Nature of Normative Thought: A Reply to Parfit"

by Nicholas Laskowski

April, 2015

Discussion Note: "Expressivism Worth The Name: A Reply to Teemu Toppinen"

by Jack Woods

March, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Moral Fixed Points: Reply to Cuneo and Shafer-Landau"

by Stephen Ingram

February, 2015

Unfinished Adults and Defective Children: On the Nature and Value of Childhood

by Anca Gheaus

Traditionally, most philosophers saw childhood as a state of deficiency and thought that its value was entirely dependent on how successfully it...

February, 2015

Discussion Note: "Reasons-Responsiveness and Time Travel"

by Yishai Cohen

January, 2015


by Michael Rabenberg

In recent years, philosophers have proposed a variety of accounts of the nature of harm. In this paper, I consider several of these accounts and...

January, 2015

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