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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "On Promoting the Dead Certain: A Reply to Behrends, DiPaolo and Sharadin"

by Stefan Fischer

April, 2017

Discussion Note: "Moral Fixed Points and Conceptual Deficiency: Reply to Ingram (2015)"

by Christos Kyriacou

March, 2017

Virtuous and Vicious Anger

by Nicolas Bommarito

I defend an account of when and why anger is morally virtuous or vicious. Anger often manifests what we care about; a sports fan gets angry when her...

March, 2017

Non-Naturalism and Reference

by Jussi Suikkanen

Metaethical realists disagree about the nature of normative properties. Naturalists think that they are ordinary natural properties: causally...

February, 2017

Depression and the Problem of Absent Desires

by Ian Tully

I argue that consideration of certain cases of severe depression reveals a problem for desire-based theories of welfare. I first show that depression...

February, 2017

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