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The Abductive Case for Humeanism over Quasi-Perceptual Theories of Desire

by Derek Baker

A number of philosophers have offered quasi-perceptual theories of desire, according to which to desire something is roughly to “see” it as having...

October, 2014

Discussion Note: "Money Pumps, Diachronic and Synchronic"

by Yair Levy

October, 2014

Discussion Note: "Flourishing and Finitude"

by Antti Kauppinen

October, 2014

The State's Duty to Ensure Children Are Loved

by Luara Ferracioli

Do children have a right to be loved? An affirmative answer faces two immediate challenges: (i) A child’s basic needs can be met without love,...

September, 2014

Discussion Note: "Immigration Restrictions and the Right to Avoid Unwanted Obligations"

by Javier Hidalgo

August, 2014

Discussion Note: "Against Vote Markets: A Reply To Freiman"

by Alfred Archer and Alan T. Wilson

August, 2014

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