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Recent Publications

Depression and the Problem of Absent Desires

by Ian Tully

I argue that consideration of certain cases of severe depression reveals a problem for desire-based theories of welfare. I first show that depression...

February, 2017

Offsetting Race Privilege

by Jeremy Dunham, Holly Lawford-Smith

For all the talk lately about privilege, few have commented on the moral obligations associated with having privilege. Those who have commented have...

January, 2017

Discussion Note: "Against Hirose's Argument for Saving the Greater Number"

by Dong-Kyung Lee

December, 2016

Irrationality and Happiness: A (Neo-)Schopenhaurian Argument for Rational Pessimism

by Alexandre Billon

There is a long tradition in philosophy of blaming passions for our unhappiness. If only we were more rational, it is claimed, we would live happier...

December, 2016

Discussion Note: "The Debunking Challenge to Realism: How Evolution (Ultimately) Matters"

by Arnon Levy, Yair Levy

November, 2016

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