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Recent Publications

The Motives for Moral Credit

by Grant Rozeboom

To deserve credit for doing what is morally right, we must act from the right kinds of motives. Acting from the right kinds of motives involves...

May, 2017

Discussion Note: "On Promoting the Dead Certain: A Reply to Behrends, DiPaolo and Sharadin"

by Stefan Fischer

April, 2017

Discussion Note: "Moral Fixed Points and Conceptual Deficiency: Reply to Ingram (2015)"

by Christos Kyriacou

March, 2017

Virtuous and Vicious Anger

by Nicolas Bommarito

I defend an account of when and why anger is morally virtuous or vicious. Anger often manifests what we care about; a sports fan gets angry when her...

March, 2017

Non-Naturalism and Reference

by Jussi Suikkanen

Metaethical realists disagree about the nature of normative properties. Naturalists think that they are ordinary natural properties: causally...

February, 2017

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