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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Attraction, Description and the Desire-Satisfaction Theory of Welfare"

by Eden Lin

October, 2016

Actualism Has Control Issues

by Travis Timmerman, Yishai Cohen

According to actualism, an agent ought to φ just in case what would happen if she were to φ is better than what would happen if she were to...

October, 2016

Discussion Note: "Non-Cognitivism and the Problem of Moral-Based Epistemic Reasons: A Sympathetic Reply to Cian Dorr"

by Joseph Long

October, 2016

Discussion Note: "Ability and Volitional Incapacity"

by Nicholas Southwood, Pablo Gilabert

September, 2016

Normative Source and Extensional Adequacy

by Jeff Behrends

Internalists about practical reasons maintain that all of an agentís reasons for action derive their normative force via some relation in which they...

August, 2016

Discussion Note: "Unreliable Love"

by André Grahle

July, 2016

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